Per Neesgaard (Denmark)

About Per Neesgaard

Per Neesgaard graduated as Civil Engineer in 1975 and as Classical Homeopath in 1984. He has had a full time classical homeopathic practice for 35 years.

He has been teaching at his own School for Classical Homeopathy for 20 years and primarily studied the teachings of Vithoulkas and Masi.

His first book was ‘Hypothesis Collection - Primary Psora and Miasmatic dynamic (1999). A dynamic Materia Medica structured in a data-base of how the remedies presents themselves in the different miasmatic phases with identification of Leading Motives and main Themes for each remedy.


About Per Neesgaard's work

Here are the publications by Per Neesgaard, available in RadarOpus:

Materia Medica

Hypothesis Collection - Primary Psora and Miasmatic dynamic
- A Dynamic Materia Medica data-base structured to search and find the Leading Motives, Primary Themes, modalities and Concepts with differentiation to other remedies with similar Leading Motives. denmark icon kingdom, united icon More

The Man, the Miasm, and the Modality - a Homeopathic Paradigm
- Homeopathic understanding of Man in Health and in ‘disease’ 
- Practical examples on applied Homeopathic cognition 
- How Man can cure himself!
- When, why, and if the polarity of a modality can change depending on the miasmatic phase
A notorious Paradigm for Classical Homeopathic treatment
It describes the fundamental principles in a logical way
It is used as introduction to the Education on Classical Homeopathy in DK
Published by Similia, 60 p. A4, ISBN 87-983653-1-2 denmark icon kingdom, united icon More

Homeopathic Posology  
Homeopathic Posology - The Homeopathic dosage
- Single dose, the "wait and see" method, from Organon 4th edition 
- Dilution and the "Adjusting the dose" method, "the middle path" from Organon 5th Edition 
- Split dose and how the time of the healing process can be reduced to -
?, from Organon5th ed.
- The Dry Dose Limitations, from Organon 5th Edition
- Practical use of dilution. Test Dose. Downgrade. Potency change, from Organon 5th & 6th edition. 
- Q potencies. End aggravation, from Organon 6th Edition 
- Sensitivity and susceptibility. Constitution and temperament
- Factors in homeopathic dosing of remedies. Quality differences.
Published by Similia Publishers, 56 p. A5, ISBN 87-983653-3-9 
denmark icon kingdom, united icon More